22 Mar


The Lingua Musica Show 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Danny Barnes

I’ve been at this a pretty long time. The main thing I use to get my ideas across has been the banjo. It has an unusual sound and is capable of a wide range of expression, however it isn’t very developed yet, in terms of what is being done with it in a current macro sense. It’s untapped.

A lot of what I do was informed by punk rock and dub music from the 70’s, i bought those records when they were new, thus starting a lifelong obsession of buying records. I received a degree from the University of Texas [Austin] in audio production, and loved the classes there about the history of audio and recorded music. That’s where i first started hearing experimental music, that’s also where i learned to be very comfortable in a recording studio. Later i became the principle songwriter/producer/singer for bad livers, and eventually launched my own private record label [Minner Bucket Records], publishing company, and solo career in about 1998.

Tickets: $10.00

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